Why become a Firebrand Apprentice?

Do you want a job in a fast-paced, fast-growing, exciting industry with excellent salary and career prospects? Then a Firebrand Apprenticeship is for you.

If you’re the right candidate we can start you in a real paid job, with industry-approved training in the IT industry, right now.

What is a Firebrand Apprenticeship?

A real paid job, in an IT-related business where you learn on the job and all your training is provided through Firebrand's Accelerated Learning technique:

The Firebrand Apprenticeship programme takes between 12 - 24 months to complete, depending on which programme you choose. During that time, Firebrand will provide accelerated, intensive training, backed up with continual assessment while you’re in work.

Watch this video to find out how an IT apprenticeship with Firebrand can kickstart your career:

Your qualifications

During your IT apprenticeship programme, you'll receive training which can lead you to achieving industry-recognised qualifications from vendors including:

There's no pressure to take exams at the end of your training, but if you feel ready we'll arrange it for you. So at the end of the programme, you'll be ready to work in an industry where starting salaries for graduate apprentices are around £15,000 - £20,000. You'll have the qualifications to work in the following jobs:

What you need to apply

Your next steps

Five great reasons to start a Firebrand Apprenticeship

1 - You earn while you learn

Apprentices have to be paid a minimum of £3.40 an hour (rising to £3.50 per hour from April 2017), but typically you earn a lot more than this - our employers pay between £150 - £450 per week!

2 - Great prospects

IT is a growing industry: where other industries have shrunk during the recession, the IT industry has continued to grow and it’s hungry for trained professionals. Over the next two years there will be a shortfall of 700,000 trained IT staff in Europe and that shortfall is just pushing wages higher.

3 - We find you the job

No more searching through job websites, the job centre and local papers. Just provide us with your details and we’ll match you to an IT job near to you.

4 - It’s a real job

You are not just on a training course, nor are you an intern. This is a real job, with a real business, giving a years’ worth of valuable work experience. Because it’s a real job, you also qualify for all the standard benefits, such as holiday and sick pay.

5 - Industry standard qualifications

The courses and exams you take in the Firebrand Apprenticeship are all industry-recognised and are in demand by businesses throughout Europe.