Develop your team through apprenticeships

Hire new talent or upskill your current team fast, through an accelerated IT apprenticeship. Firebrand is the quick way to develop IT staff with industry-recognised training and certifications worth £10,000s. Plus, it may not cost you anything, as your apprenticeship programme is government-funded.

This is the fastest way for your apprentice to learn. They’ll get up to 38 days of accelerated Firebrand training from vendors including of Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and ITIL. These are delivered in short, intensive bursts of training throughout one or two year customisable programmes.

Accelerated IT apprenticeship programmes

Our customisable programmes have been developed by groups of employers in the IT industry (known as Trailblazers) to make sure they include all the right certifications suited to your business. You’ll be confident that your apprentice will develop all the relevant skills they need to excel fast.

Firebrand have several programmes to choose from, our most popular including Infrastructure Technician, Network Engineer, Software Developer and Cyber Security. Plus, because our apprentices train on our commercial courses, you’re not limited to specific dates. You decide when you want your apprentice to receive training, and we’ll book it for you quickly.

Fill your role fast, or train your current team

You can sign-up your current employees to an apprenticeship. Or if you choose to hire, Firebrand’s free recruitment service will help you fill the role fast. You hire your apprentice on an initial one- or two-year contract, with minimum salary around £200 per week. Or you can train your current team through apprenticeships. There are no limitations on age or experience, so almost anyone can be an apprentice.

Contact us to find out more, or watch the video below to see how an accelerated IT apprenticeship will help you hire and train your staff: