Frequently Asked Questions

What's an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a job with training, where your apprentice learns real new skills and gains industry-recognised qualifications. Firebrand IT Apprenticeships are open to anyone 16 or over, and they typically last 13-16 months (33% faster than the industry standard). This is a real job and requires commitment, hard work and good time-keeping. Your apprentice will be learning on the job, and during their weeks at the Firebrand Training centre.

What's Accelerated Learning?

Firebrand is your apprentice's fastest way to learn. This means they get certified at twice the speed. To enable this, courses run at least 12 hours a day, for seven days a week.

How much should I pay my apprentice?

We recommend a starting salary of £200 per week, and to cover any expenses such as travel to the training centre. We also recommend that you review your apprentice's salary as they pass exams or complete courses and take on extra responsibility.

How much does the apprenticeship cost me?

This depends on the programme you choose, and whether your company is paying the Apprenticeship Levy or not.

If you're not paying the Apprenticeship Levy, you pay just 10% of the total cost of apprenticeship training - the government co-invests the other 90% for you. If you're a Levy payer, the government will support you by topping up your Levy account with an extra 10% of what you pay in each month.

Find out more about paying for apprenticeship training here.

What jobs can I fill?

You can introduce your apprentice to many different jobs in IT, including:

How many hours a week will my apprentice work?

A 35-hour week (typically 9.00am - 5.00pm) with a one hour lunch break is normal.

Does my apprentice get paid holiday?

Yes, your apprentice will be entitled to the same holiday schemes as the rest of your employees.

What support do I get?

Working with an apprentice requires commitment. Like any new employee, your apprentice will need guidance and leadership. You and your apprentice get a designated Programme Facilitator, who will guide you throughout your apprenticeship. Through 10-week reviews, visits to your workplace and working with you to collect evidence of work-based projects.

Where is the training centre?

The training takes place at our residential training centre at Wyboston Lakes in Bedfordshire. All courses are residential, meaning your apprentice lives with us for the duration of the training and therefore only needs to travel to us once per course. If they drive, there's plenty of free parking, and the postcode is MK44 3AL. The nearest railway station is St Neots and there is a free shuttle bus service to and from the training centre.

What happens at the end of the apprenticeship?

When you hire an apprentice, you both sign a 15-18 month contract, depending on the level of the programme. When the programme is completed, you have the choice whether to bring them into permanent employment. In a survey carried out by the TUC the success rate for IT apprenticeships was excellent, with more than four out of five (83%) of apprentices working at the same company beyond the initial contract.

Can I hire more than one apprentice?

Yes, you can hire as many apprentices as you want - there’s no limit.

Can my current employees become apprentices?

Yes. Plus, because Firebrand is a Tech Industry Gold provider, your apprentice can be of any age - although it's important that they don't have any qualifications in IT that are higher than the level of the apprenticeship programme.

Can I add to my apprentice's training programme after I've signed-up?

Yes. You need to choose your training programme at the start of the apprenticeship, but you can tailor this once you get to know your apprentice.

My company isn't based in England, can I hire a Firebrand apprentice?

No. Employers and apprentices must be based in England to qualify for funding and co-investment from the government. This means we cannot accept applications from Ireland, Scotland and Wales