Government funding

Investing in apprenticeships is easy, and how you do so depends on whether you're a Levy-paying employer or not.

Paying the Levy

Where you have an annual paybill over £3million, you’ll pay 0.5% of that total paybill into the Apprenticeship Levy. Your payments are monthly, and they’ll show in your Apprenticeship Service account as soon as they’re made.

If your business is committed to investing in IT apprenticeships, you’ll be able to get more out than you pay into the Levy through co-investment from the government. For every Levy payment, you’ll receive an extra 10% top-up in your Apprenticeship Service account, so every £1,000 will be increased to £1,100 in value.

Not paying the Levy?

If your annual paybill is under £3million, the government pays for 90% of the total training costs, meaning you can access award-winning accelerated IT training at a fraction of the cost when you invest in apprenticeships.