Hire fast and for free

Upskill current employees or hire someone new on one of our apprenticeship programmes. If you choose to hire an apprentice, Firebrand’s recruitment team help you fill the role fast and on your terms - for free.

The steps to finding your apprentice

Our experienced recruitment team guides you through every stage. If we’re advertising your vacancy, we’ll find your candidates with our tried and tested recruitment process:

  1. We’ll discuss your role and you provide us with a job description
  2. We'll advertise your role on all major job boards
  3. We use the best search engine techniques to find candidates quickly
  4. We’ll use the latest video interview software as part of our screening process
  5. You’ll be given a shortlist of potential apprentices to interview at your offices
  6. Once your hiring decision is made, we’ll arrange a start date that works for you

Some of our employers prefer to hold recruitment days or to select applicants through their own website. That’s fine - we’ll support and accommodate you through whichever process works for you.

If you’ve already hired someone who’d benefit from an apprenticeship programme, you can sign them up too. Firebrand apprenticeships are designed for anyone aged over 16. If you’ve already found someone perfect for the job, contact us to let us know.