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  5. Learn CTP the way you want to. We all have different learning styles. Your expert instructor will combine visual, auditory and tactile methods, so you learn faster and more easily
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Here's the Firebrand Training review section. Since 2001 we've trained exactly 55,159 students and asked them all to review our Accelerated Learning. Currently, 96.38% have said Firebrand exceeded their expectations:

"Very well taught."
Anonymous, Unknown - (ISC)2 CISSP Boot Camp (7 days) (20/7/2015 to 26/7/2015)

"If you want to certify for an IT domain, Firebrand is the only and best fastest option."
Amitabha Sikder, ELEXON LTD. - (ISC)2 CISSP Boot Camp (7 days) (20/7/2015 to 26/7/2015)

"Intense but enjoyable. The tutor was excellent at keeping our attention considering everybody had different levels of knowledge."
Lee McEnroe, ELEXON LTD. - (ISC)2 CISSP Boot Camp (7 days) (20/7/2015 to 26/7/2015)

"Course material was good and comprehensive. Going over the slides in review helped a lot."
Daniel Cortegaca, Barclays. - (ISC)2 CISSP Boot Camp (7 days) (20/7/2015 to 26/7/2015)

"Be prepared to work hard and learn a lot. Do as much study as you can before, it will make it a little easier on the brain! Enjoy!"
Stephen Sharp, Thales. - (ISC)2 CISSP Boot Camp (7 days) (20/7/2015 to 26/7/2015)

"A lot of knowledge to get. I would say that the 90% success rate is not true for the MSCX I have visited. But Firebrand offer a great deal by making you able to re-take the course for free."
Jerome Wentzel, AMAC Aerospace Switzerland. - Microsoft MCSE: Server Infrastructure (6 days) (20/7/2015 to 25/7/2015)

"Teachers, support and environment are excellent. However if you are going on an intensive course, ensure you ignore the advice of the salespeople and attain as much knowledge beforehand as possible!"
Daniel Fadil. - Microsoft MCSE: Server Infrastructure (6 days) (20/7/2015 to 25/7/2015)

"Good course but very tough if you dont prepare or have no knowledge of topics that are covered."
C.W. - Cisco ICND2 (CCNA) (3 days) (23/7/2015 to 25/7/2015)

"The course was well formatted to align with the exams. Labs and course material was very good."
Kalpesh Bharadwa. - Microsoft MCSE: Server Infrastructure (6 days) (20/7/2015 to 25/7/2015)

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and passionate about the subject. It did make a big different for such an intense and condensed course."
Kalpesh Bharadwa, Annodata Ltd. - Microsoft MCSE: Server Infrastructure (6 days) (20/7/2015 to 25/7/2015)

"Satisfied, enjoyed training and stay."
Anonymous - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) Certification (6 days) (20/7/2015 to 25/7/2015)

"Brilliant! But do not underestimate the work you need to put in. This is not for the faint-hearted, but is extremely rewarding if you put the work in. Instructor was excellent and would recommend Firebrand to anyone! "
Adam Jones, Triumph Actuation Systems UK & IOM. - Cisco ICND1 (CCENT) (3 days) (20/7/2015 to 22/7/2015)

"Good for my learning style with the mix between information and lab exercises."
S.P. - Cisco CCNA (Routing & Switching) Certification (6 days) (20/7/2015 to 25/7/2015)

"I don't particularly like courses that teach you how to pass the exam just so I can get a tick on my CV or improve the company statistics. Having said that the instructor did provide plenty of diversions and anecdotes from his extensive career that made it quite enjoyable."
Andrew Hutchinson, HP. - The Open Group TOGAF® 9.1 Certification - Level 1 & 2 (3 days) (20/7/2015 to 22/7/2015)

"Our instructor has ensured that the subject matter is covered appropriately and at a perfect speed. His anecdotal approach ensures that the students can relate the concepts to the life experience (regardless of IT background). The course has progressed without dragging, a triumph considering the general dryness of the content. Top marks!"
Norman Watt, HP. - The Open Group TOGAF® 9.1 Certification - Level 1 & 2 (3 days) (20/7/2015 to 22/7/2015)

"Firebrand's approach of no-nonsense, focused study really helps concentration on the subject and rapid absorption of the material. This is an excellent way to get the knowledge we need with the minimum time away from the office."
Fred Parkinson, HP. - The Open Group TOGAF® 9.1 Certification - Level 1 & 2 (3 days) (20/7/2015 to 22/7/2015)

"A course that will enable me to better organise what I already do."
Steve Judge, HP. - The Open Group TOGAF® 9.1 Certification - Level 1 & 2 (3 days) (20/7/2015 to 22/7/2015)

"Firebrand very helpful in all ways of training, its a great with to learn about cisco"
Lee Barker, Acentic. - Cisco ICND1 (CCENT) (3 days) (20/7/2015 to 22/7/2015)

"Great Learning environment "
O.R.. - Cisco ICND1 (CCENT) (3 days) (20/7/2015 to 22/7/2015)

"ITIL made interesting and relevant, Thanks :) "
Jamie Mayes, G4S Forensic and Medical Services. - ITIL® Foundation Certification (2 days) (9/7/2015 to 10/7/2015)

"A fabulous course! If you enjoy accelerated learning, thrive in a pressured environment and a will to learn and to achieve then this is for you! So much knowledge in such a short space of time. Highly recommended."
Kaye Rushbrook, LINCOLNSHIRE COUNCIL. - AXELOS MSP® (Managing Successful Programmes) (5 days) (13/7/2015 to 17/7/2015)

"A really worthwhile course that can be adapted and used in the workplace. Good structure that I will use in my career going forward."
Clare Messenger, LINCOLNSHIRE COUNCIL. - AXELOS MSP® (Managing Successful Programmes) (5 days) (13/7/2015 to 17/7/2015)

"Nice atmosphere for learning, no distractions except for the food which is tempting."
Funmi Inije, DLA Piper. - ISO 27001 Lead Auditor (3 days) (13/7/2015 to 15/7/2015)

"Firebrand is a great all inclusive training option at speed with a very high quality of tuition. A home away from home. The knowledge and enthusiasm of the instructor helped with the intensive nature of the course."
Victoria Holt. - Microsoft MCSA: SQL Server (9 days) (11/7/2015 to 19/7/2015)

"I was apprehensive before attending the course, knowing that it would entail 9 long days of studying. After completing the course I was wrong, the studying is at a reasonable pace. There is time to complete labs. Everything is done to give you maximum efficient study time."
Jason Linham. - Microsoft MCSA: SQL Server (9 days) (11/7/2015 to 19/7/2015)

"Firebrand training is an experience like no other. It's compact, concise and very very intense but worth it. Doing this MCSA 2012 R2 I have gained knowledge of things I have never even heard of and I'll be returning to work with ideas that I feel we could implement. Firebrand training has the resources and facilities to provide very good teaching. You're catered for and looked after by the staff and tutors are there to answer any questions you may have in regards to their chosen field. If you want to learn fast then this is for you. "
Owain Southren, I-DASH. - Microsoft MCSA: Windows Server 2012 R2 (9 days) (11/7/2015 to 19/7/2015)

"Training was intense with training methods that not only provide great knowledge and understanding of the course, but also, conditions the mind to think like a programmer. Great course."
D.R.. - Microsoft MTA Software Development Fundamentals (2 days) (13/7/2015 to 16/7/2015)

"I had a great training experience with Firebrand. It was an intense course but our training instructor was very thorough and ensured that everyone understood the content by explaining it from different perspectives. It was highly engaging and the end result was that the whole class passed the exams!"
Peter Nobleza, Capgemini. - Microsoft MTA Software Development Fundamentals (2 days) (13/7/2015 to 16/7/2015)

"Firebrand offer a perfect environment for learning, its distraction free and allows you to concentrate on your studies."
Stevey Jones. - Microsoft MTA Software Development Fundamentals (2 days) (13/7/2015 to 16/7/2015)

"Training was intense but worthwhile. I was expecting 12 hour days but they ended up being more like 14-15 hour days... The course should really have been 5 days long as opposed to 4 to relieve some of the stress (and be able to finish on time). The trainer, Daniel was professional and knowledgeable. Facilities were good and staff were friendly and helpful. I'd recommend Firebrand Training and hope to return soon."
Jed Waddington. - Microsoft MTA Software Development Fundamentals (2 days) (13/7/2015 to 16/7/2015)

"The course was excellent, would recommend this type of training. The courses are extremely intense, practically no free time to yourself but that is due to the accelerated learning method. Overall brilliant course, food, accommodation and support. "
Robert Pullan, Dixons Carphone. - Microsoft MTA Software Development Fundamentals (2 days) (13/7/2015 to 16/7/2015)

"Fast and efficient learning, would recommend highly."
Anaya Naeem, HSBC. - AXELOS PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner (3 days) (10/7/2015 to 12/7/2015)

"I highly recommend the instructor, and Firebrand as a course provider for delivering intense, professional training. As a qualified accountant and current contractor, this course provided everything I needed to achieve PRINCE2 practitioner status in 3 days."
Ziaur Rahman, Royal British Legion. - AXELOS PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner (3 days) (10/7/2015 to 12/7/2015)

"Fast courses for a better understanding of key principles, it has been very stimulating."
Anonymous, Focus Group - ITIL® Foundation Certification (2 days) (9/7/2015 to 10/7/2015)

"Intense, but enjoyable, and a great way to get certified in a short time. Firebrand is my go-to training provider moving forward."
David Charlton, Stevens Group LTD. - ITIL® Foundation Certification (2 days) (9/7/2015 to 10/7/2015)

"Great training and advice. Tutor was excellent at keeping our attention and made the course simple and interesting. Thank you."
Ryan Knight, Chas A Blatchford and Sons. - ITIL® Foundation Certification (2 days) (9/7/2015 to 10/7/2015)

"My experience has been exciting and challenging. I have found the experience rewarding and I would highly recommend to a friend."
Dale Punchard, Stevens Group Ltd.. - ITIL® Foundation Certification (2 days) (9/7/2015 to 10/7/2015)

"This is my second apprenticeship with Firebrand in 3 years. I was delighted that a level 4 apprenticeship was available from them and decided to take it. Every stay at Firebrand is enjoyable and I am always confident when it comes to passing the exams."
Divinia Cousins, Sysdoc. - ITIL® Foundation Certification (2 days) (9/7/2015 to 10/7/2015)

"The relaxed atmosphere and openness to debate, reinforced the curriculum. Being able to share opinions was very reassuring as we all have the same common goal. Brilliant!"
Craig Ezard, Origin Storage. - ITIL® Foundation Certification (2 days) (9/7/2015 to 10/7/2015)

"The instructor was good and I found the use of real world examples very helpful."
Sukhdip Mander, Boston. - ITIL® Foundation Certification (2 days) (9/7/2015 to 10/7/2015)

"Had a great experience the course material was complete and follows the TOGAF standard specification documentation. Great course instructor!"
Anonymous, na - The Open Group TOGAF® 9.1 Certification - Level 1 & 2 (3 days) (6/7/2015 to 8/7/2015)

"Very relaxed and pleasant environment, set up for the perfect training experience. "
Craig Jenkins, Home-Connexion Consultancy Ltd. - The Open Group TOGAF® 9.1 Certification - Level 1 & 2 (3 days) (6/7/2015 to 8/7/2015)

"A very cost effective way to stay up to date with technological developments and certifications. "
Anonymous - The Open Group TOGAF® 9.1 Certification - Level 1 & 2 (3 days) (6/7/2015 to 8/7/2015)

"Excellent Course, well structured and easier to understand certain areas that would prove more difficult if not in a classroom environment."
Chris Monk. - CompTIA Network+ Certification and Training (3 days) (3/7/2015 to 5/7/2015)

"This course was very fast paced and I enjoyed it immensely. The tutor knows his stuff and delivers it really well with a good balance of theory and practical exercises. It covers a huge amount of material so you are pushed throughout the whole 5 days. Both the technical and accommodation facilities at Firebrand mean that you can focus totally on your training. The staff are fantastic and did everything they could to help me get my CEH certificate. I cannot recommend Firebrand enough. "
Kim TerryShort. - EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) (5 days) (22/6/2015 to 26/6/2015)

"Nice, friendly people, nice setting, little distraction. Good facilities, knowledgeable trainer. I learned a lot more than I thought I could in the duration."
Nicholas Brown, SmurfitKappa UK LTD. - Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Developer (6 days) (29/6/2015 to 4/7/2015)

"It's the perfect place to improve my skills and people are very friendly. The instructor is great person and he encouraged me a lot, when I felt scared for exams."
Deepika Bandela, Supplenta. - CompTIA Network+ Certification and Training (3 days) (3/7/2015 to 5/7/2015)

"Wow! A massive pat on the back to firebrand here. How do you manage to fit all the contents of these two courses in to a week? Must be down to the excellent training facilities and superhuman instructor. "
Daniel Atkinson, Workflow Solutions. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 days) (29/6/2015 to 5/7/2015)

"It was a good training experience and I learnt loads."
Dan Stovell, i-dash. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 days) (29/6/2015 to 5/7/2015)

"Firebrand Training is ideal for those who want an intensive training course in preparation to acquiring industry certification in a helpful environment."
L.D., Jolly IT Solutions. - CompTIA A+ & Network+ (7 days) (29/6/2015 to 5/7/2015)

The goal of this five-day accelerated course is to provide professionals with the basic data, voice, and converged networking skills necessary to function in a variety of information technology positions including emerging broadband and "voice over" technologies. Telecommunications Industry Association's Convergence Technologies Professional (CTP) certification is the premier certification that validates the skills required to excel in the role of data, voice, and converged support professionals, channel partner sales professionals, technical representatives, advanced technical engineers, and application sales engineers.

Firebrand Training's Program for the CTP Certification affords students the ability to live, learn, and take the actual CTP exams on-site at our education centres in the US and Europe.

Our program is delivered in a distraction-free, immersed environment with on-site, deluxe accommodation - utilizing a curriculum adapted specifically for accelerated learning. Our instructors are cross-certified industry professionals (ranging from renowned authors to senior information technology consultants) with extensive real-world knowledge that is effectively relayed throughout our Firebrand Trainings.

Instructors are available at all times to provide individual and group attention, lead lab exercises and practice sessions, and ensure the students' success. Our attention to detail shows in our unsurpassed instruction and customer service, our classroom and testing facilities, and our individual and corporate success stories.

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Interested? See prices or call 080 80 800 888

The TIA Converged Technology Professional certification is an internationally recognized certification that validates data, telephony, and converged networking skills.

Reasons for CTP certification include career advancement, personal improvement, skills enhancement, and higher salaries.

  • Certifications tend to lead to higher wages
  • Increased customer satisfaction and decreased support costs through improved service, increased productivity and greater technical self-sufficiency
  • Excellent return on training and certification investments by providing a standard method of determining training needs and measuring results
  • Reliable benchmark for hiring, promoting and career planning
  • Recognition and rewards for productive employees by validating their expertise
  • The certification is an excellent stepping stone towards achieving future Cisco certifications such as CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, and CCNP Voice

Build Your Skills And Your Career: Certify Yourself

Our primary goal is your education. Firebrand Trainingprovides thorough instructor-led training to ensure that you learn the fundamentals, obtain hands-on skills, and earn your certification. You will emerge able to immediately apply your new knowledge in your career environment.

Other accelerated training providers rely heavily on lecture and independent self-testing and study.

Effective technical instruction must be highly varied and interactive to keep attention levels high, promote camaraderie and teamwork between the students and instructor, and solidify knowledge through hands-on learning.

Firebrand Training provides instruction to meet every learning need:

  • Intensive group instruction
  • One-on-one instruction attention
  • Hands-on labs
  • Lab partner and group exercises
  • Question and answer drills
  • Independent study

This information has been provided as a helpful tool for candidates considering training. Courses that include certification come with a certification guarantee. Pass first time or train again for free (just pay for accommodation and exams on your return). We do not make any guarantees about personal successes or benefits of obtaining certification. Benefits of certification determined through studies do not guarantee any particular personal successes.

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Firebrand Training has an aggressive educational schedule that thoroughly covers all essential elements necessary for certification.

  • Data Networking
  • Telephony Networking
  • Converged Technologies
  • Study, Testing Day

Official TIA CTP Courseware

Firebrand Traininguses Official TIA CTP Courseware for the highest standard training of CTP certified professionals

Through lecture, group discussion, and lab work, you will learn the following concepts and skills:


Industry Standards and Protocols Objectives

  • Identify the layers of the OSI reference model
  • Identify the functions of each layer of the OSI reference model
  • Identify the protocols and services of each OSI layer
  • Explain data encapsulation (including but not limited to: data, segment, packet, frame) in relation to frame assembly

LAN/WAN Infrastructure Objectives

  • Compare and contrast various LAN topologies (including but not limited to: ring, bus, star)
  • Compare and contrast various WAN topologies (including but not limited to: full mesh, partial mesh, point-to-point)
  • Identify the functions of routers, switches and hubs in relation to data networking hardware
  • Compare and contrast the functions of a modem and CSU/DSU in relation to data networking hardware
  • Recognize standards, protocols and their characteristics (including but not limited to: 802.2, 802.3, 802.5, PPP, frame relay, ATM, SONET/SDH)
  • Identify the purpose of Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  • Distinguish between DTE and DCE
  • Distinguish among the categories of cabling (including but not limited to: CAT3, CAT5, shielded twisted pair [STP], V.35, thinnet, RG58, fiber optic [single-mode, multi-mode])
  • Identify cable terminators
  • Identify the function of VLANs
  • Identify the function of a MAC address

IP Protocols Objectives

  • Compare and contrast the format of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  • Identify network classes (A, B, C, D)
  • Identify network, host and broadcast addresses
  • Identify private network numbers
  • Identify the importance of subnet masking
  • Determine the number of host addresses in a subnet
  • Determine the network number given a host address and subnet mask
  • Identify the subnet mask by both the bit count and dotted decimal notation
  • Distinguish between routed and routing protocols
  • Distinguish among dynamic, static and default routes
  • Identify DNS features and functions
  • Identify DHCP features and functions
  • Identify NAT features and functions
  • Compare and contrast connection-oriented and connectionless transport in relation to TCP/UDP
  • Describe well-known, registered and random/dynamic ports in relation to TCP/UDP
  • Identify common ports (including but not limited to: Telnet, HTTP, FTP, TFTP, SMTP, POP3, SNMP, DNS) in relation to TCP/UDP

Troubleshooting Objectives

  • Use ICMP (tracert, ping and error messages) in relation to troubleshooting tools
  • Recognize other available troubleshooting tools for cabling, hardware, and configuration of devices (software and hardware)
  • Determine when to use straight-through vs. crossover cable
  • Identify common configuration errors in IP devices


Industry Standards and Protocols Objectives

  • Recognize standard reference nomenclature (including but not limited to: X.nnn, Q.nnn, I.nnn, E.nnn)

Basic Telephony Concepts Objectives

  • Identify the call-processing steps (call setup, call connection, call completion)
  • Compare and contrast analog trunks and station lines
  • Identify electrical characteristics of ground-start and loop-start analog trunks (not including local voltage specifications)
  • Identify the various types of E&M trunks (2W/4W audio) in relation to analog trunks
  • Identify various DSH technologies (including but not limited to: DS0, DS1, DS3, OC3, OC12, OC48, OC192)
  • Compare and contrast analog ringing (electrical specs) vs. digital alerting (A&B bits) in relation to signaling types
  • Identify the primary analog transmission impairments involved in a phone call (including but not limited to: loss, echo, noise, cross-talk, delay)
  • Identify the need for echo cancellation in 2-wire to 4-wire hybrids
  • Define pulse code modulation in telephony
  • Compare and contrast A-Law and Mu-Law in relation to digitizing voice
  • Identify the functions of class 4 (tandem) and class 5 (end-office) switches in relation to PSTN/GSTN
  • Identify various numbering plans (including but not limited to: global, NANP, private)
  • Recognize Digital Signal Hierarchy (DSH) terminology (STRATUM)
  • Distinguish between FXO and FXS interfaces

Infrastructure Objectives

  • Identify safety procedures (including but not limited to: cabling, power, grounding, ESD, NEBS)
  • Determine proper cabling procedures in specific environments (PVC vs. plenum)
  • Identify troubleshooting tools (including but not limited to: 4-pair tester, inductor/buzzer/toner, linesman test set (butt set), volt meter, laptop)
  • Identify the symptoms of improper clocking configuration
  • Identify various cable terminations (including but not limited to: USOC/RJ-nn standards, ITU/V.nnn standards)

Signaling Objectives

  • Compare and contrast the signaling of ground-start and loop-start analog trunks (not including line voltages)
  • Compare and contrast in-band vs. out-of-band in relation to signaling types
  • Identify the signaling functions of ISDN (e.g., ISDN BRI, ISDN PRI, ISDN 23 and ISDN 30) and SS7/C7
  • Compare and contrast E&M, ground start, loop start and OPX in relation to signaling types (A, B, C and D bits)
  • Compare and contrast analog dialing (DTMF) vs. digital addressing (set-up messages) in relation to signaling types


Industry Standards and Protocols Objectives

  • Identify the major industry standards (including but not limited to: 802.x, RFCxxxx, E.nnn, G.nnn, H.nnn, Q.nnn, X.nnn) that apply to the technologies relevant to convergence
  • Identify the major standards bodies (including but not limited to: IEEE, ITU, IETF, EIA, TIA, ANSI, Bell) that apply to the technologies relevant to convergence

Voice-over Convergence Objectives

  • Define latency, jitter and wander, and identify their impact on real-time communications
  • Identify the importance of a jitter buffer
  • Identify the impact of large data frames on real-time communications
  • Recognize the need for Quality of Service (QoS) in converged networks
  • Identify Quality of Service (QoS) technologies (including but not limited to: RSVP, DiffServ, IntServ, 802.1P/Q) for converged networks
  • Identify common codecs (G.7xx) and their bandwidth requirements in a converged environment
  • Describe the impact of compressing voice
  • Compare and contrast the use of T1, E1 and J1 for data and voice
  • Identify the factors that affect the bandwidth of packetized voice
  • Identify requirements for transporting modem and fax through a converged solution

Topology Convergence Objectives

  • Identify the types of signaling protocols for converged networks (including but not limited to: H.245, H.320, H.323, H.450, SIP, MGCP, NCS)
  • Identify the function of a gatekeeper
  • Identify differences in call flows between convergent-based and circuit-based calls
  • Identify the function of gateways
  • Identify characteristics of circuit-switched and packet-switched technologies

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The TIA CTP validates the knowledge and abilities of individuals with at least nine months of experience in network support or administration


The exam tests three domain areas:

  • Data Networking
  • Telephony Networking
  • Converged Technologies

The CTP exam candidate is responsible for achieving a passing score on the CTP exam. CTP exam items are based upon CTP exam objectives. All deliveries of the CTP exam will be subject to the following:

  • Each delivery of the exam includes a random selection of 65 CTP exam items and six survey questions at the end of the exam

The examination period is 75 minutes.

To achieve a passing score on the TT0-101 CTP exam, candidates must:

Correctly answer at least 49 of the 65 exam items.

Exam items offer three to four solutions or options. Exam candidates must select the one best solution for each item.

Upon completion of the CTP exam, candidates will receive a score report from the testing center. Candidates who pass the CTP exam are CTP certified by TIA and will receive a CTP certification.

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Firebrand Training offers top-quality technical education and certification training in an all-inclusive course package specifically designed for the needs and ease of our students. We attend to every detail so our students can focus solely on their studies and certification goals.

Our Certification Programmes include:

  • Intensive Hands-on Training Utilising our (Lecture | Lab | Review)TM Delivery
  • Comprehensive Study Materials, Program Courseware and Self-Testing Software including MeasureUp *
  • Fully instructor-led program with 24 hour lab access
  • Examination vouchers **
  • On site testing ***
  • Accommodation, all meals, unlimited beverages, snacks and tea / coffee****
  • Transportation to/from designated local railway stations
  • Examination Passing Policy

Our instructors teach to accommodate every student's learning needs through individualised instruction, hands-on labs, lab partner and group exercises, independent study, self-testing, and question/answer drills.

Firebrand Training has dedicated, well-equipped educational facilities where you will attend instruction and labs and have access to comfortable study and lounging rooms. Our students consistently say our facilities are second-to-none.

Firebrand goes digital

We’re currently migrating from printed to digital courseware. Some courseware is already available in digital, while other books remain in printed form. To find out if this course is digital, call us on 080 80 800 888.

There are several benefits of easy-to-use digital courseware: downloads are immediate, and you’ll always have your courseware available wherever you are. You won’t need to wait for a printed book to be delivered before you start learning – and it’s better for the environment. You can choose to download the courseware to your own device, or borrow one of ours.

Considering a Microsoft course? Always have the most up-to-date Microsoft digital courseware with ‘Fresh Editions’. This gives you access to all versions of digital courseware – you’ll receive updates and revisions of your textbook, at no charge, for the life of that course.

Examination Passing Policy

Should a student complete a Firebrand Training Program without having successfully passed all vendor examinations, the student may re-attend that program for a period of one year.  Students will only be responsible for accommodations and vendor exam fees.

Please note

  • * Not on all courses
  • ** Examination vouchers are not included for the following courses: PMI, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC and CISSP CBK Review
  • *** On site testing is not included in our PMI, CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC, CSX Practitioner or ITIL Managers and Revision Certifications
  • **** Accommodation not included on the CISSP CBK Review Seminar

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Students who are successful in the the CTP certification preparation course should possess:

  • 1 year of experience or equivalent knowledge in all three CTP knowledge domains: Data Networking, Telephony Networking, Convergence Technology

Unsure whether you meet the prerequisites?

Don’t worry - we’ll discuss your technical background, experience and qualifications to determine whether this accelerated course suits you.

Just call us on 080 80 800 888 and speak to one of our enrolment consultants.

Firebrand is an immersive environment and requires commitment. Some prerequisites are simply guidelines; you may find your unique experience, attitude and determination enables you to succeed on your accelerated course.

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